Matplotlib errorbar, Python.

In this tutorial we explain how show the error bar in Matplotlib graphs (matplotlib errorbar). Python. The error bar, is a bar that indicates the error of some measurement. It is widely used in statistics, mainly in scatter diagrams. Adding the error bar in Matplotlib, Python. It´s very simple, we just have to write the … Read more

Voltage drop calculation in Excel.

Below we show an Excel file to calculate the voltage drop in electrical conductors. You can download the file Voltage drop calculation in Excel. We also add calculations of transformers, motors and the conductor cross section area due to voltage drop. That is the Excel file and you can download it at this link: We … Read more

Python math sin, cos, tangent.

In this tutorial we explain how to use trigonometric functions in Python using the math library. The sine, cosine and tangent. We also explain how to work with degrees and radians (Pyhon math sin). We will use the “math” library to work with trigonometric functions. Python’s math library includes trigonometric functions and many more commands … Read more